See all your laravel logs in one place!

With all, we mean all your logs from all your projects 😉

Logcrawler collects all your laravel logs from all your different projects into just one place. So, you no more need to connect to your production maschine just to see the logs and you can use one place to view your logs ... even when you are not at your working maschine.
Use logcrawler, never miss an error again and save time.

Checking your logs is no more a pain ...
... no matter how much projects!

Designed for laravel
Logcrawler collects all your logs from your laravel project. See the logs you need whereever you are.
Easy setup
Your project is ready to collect logs within minutes. Require the client, configure your key, setup the log-channel and you are ready to go.
Collect in one place
No more ssh into hundreds of different maschines! See warning, errors and notices while they are happening!

Ready to have less admin work?

Give logcrawler a try. It's free to use and you can create as many projects as you like and need.
No worries, no fees, just sign up and get started....

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